A much smaller app, and even cuter cows.

⚡ Improvement

  • The application is 50 to 75% smaller. On an iPhone 14 Pro, that's like going from 72 MB to 22 MB. This means faster downloads with each app update, more storage space for you, and ultimately a greener app.
  • The horizon of the forecasts listing the upcoming special cows is now the same as that of the calendar - Thanks Igor
  • Cowlidays moons show up even if you're not a Naomist (but you're going to subscribe, right?)

🎨 Cowsmetic

  • The app size reduction prompted me to redo the cow images, so I took the opportunity to incorporate the cow makeover that was lying around in my bag. Nothing dramatic, just something to make the cows even cuter.

🐛 Bug Hunt

  • Some cows sometimes remained half associated with their day of arrival. What can I say, they are faithful.
  • The detail view of the forecast sometimes had an animation bug: the whole view went up and down, instead of just the energy sphere.

⚖️ Compliance

  • Some alternative app icons have been removed in accordance with ″App Store Review Guidelines″. These icons were too abstract to clearly identify the app.