OK, this is an update I didn't expect to make, but I discovered that the birthday cows weren't working in 2023 and I didn't want to wait another minute to fix that. I've thrown in a few other goodies for good measure.

āœØ New

  • New small and large widgets that will display a random cow - Thanks for the nudge Nyki & Filip

šŸ„ Cow care

  • Added the 2023 edition of the Easter Cow

āš” Improvement

  • When visiting a day in the past, the theme and moon of the day correspond to the day visited instead of the current day.
  • Add a list of ongoing timers. Otherwise, if you launched a timer and killed the app, it became impossible to stop it - Thanks Axel
  • Collateral bonus: you can now launch multiple timers at the same time

šŸ› Bug Hunt

  • Birthday Cows are back in 2023: if your birthday happened between January 1st and today, go to the settings and claim your cow