This update includes a big improvement: a better cow allocation logic that may well earn you more cows.

These changes are retroactive: a recount will take place when your device is idle. If this has an impact on your population, you will get a message in the "Population" view.

⚡️ Improvement

- The weekly goal of 0 days without meat has become a \"guilt-free mode\": the cows will never leave you. It's perfect for people who prefer an opportunistic approach to reducing meat consumption. Previously, this 0 days per week goal was actually 1 day out of 8 day, which meant you could lose cows even though you had no weekly goal!

- Calculations are now done on a weekly basis (Monday to Sunday, in accordance with the international standard ISO 8601 to allow for the arrival of worldwide statistics), instead of 7 rolling days. The rolling day system could result in cows being lost while the target of x days per week was met. Using the weekly basis is more consistent with the principle of setting a weekly goal as well as with the personal organization of many.

- When displaying lists of cows, the sorting was inconsistent between the preview and the full list

- The warning displayed when you change a day in the past has been removed: it was scary and annoying rather than anything else.

🐛 Bug Hunt

- Cows that were spooked on the current day were considered already gone (and their names were already unchangeable). - Thanks Paula!

- Processing of data downloaded from the cloud could get stuck in a loop

- Sometimes, ephemeral clones would be generated for no good reason

- In even rarer cases, these two previous bugs could prevent the merging of cows

🎨 Cowsmetic

- Brand new and fun way to set your weekly goal: check it out in the settings!