My little family caugth a seasonal bug. As an indie, this kind of thing means there's no one left to do the work. Thankfully, everyone is doing better ☺️

⚡ Improvement

  • For peace of mind, the notification asking if you ate meat today will disappear after you answer - Thanks Filip for the suggestion

💬 Texts

  • ″Frequenty Asked Questions″ has found its L.

🐛 Bug Hunt

  • If the number of your responses/meals changed significantly each day (e.g. 50 one day, 20 the next, 70 the next), the app could no longer do its calculations (add missing days, attract cows, etc.). I had not imagined this use and the app was not ready to handle the resulting numbers 🤯. It should be better now. As always, just record a new meal and the system will self-correct. If you are one of the users who sometimes have more than 5 responses per day, I would like to talk with you to understand your usage please :)
  • If you registered a meal for the day, before receiving the news of the day before, the cow you were about to attract was included in the headcount.Whether you understood that sentence or not, you can see why solving this bug might have been a headache. Thanks to the anonymous user who reported it!
  • When using shortcuts, the view presented in response would sometimes crash

🧱 Foundations

  • We will soon be able to log more content inside the app, but this will require an update of the database. I made (big) changes in preparation for this.