Did you notice that we went from version 4.23 directly to version 2022.27? I changed my marketing version numbering scheme. I'll now be using the year and a number that will be incremented along the year. I believe that it's better for the app, for me, and thus for you as well. Read more.

šŸ„ Cow care

  • The 2023 New Year's cow is ready to start the year with you.

šŸ› Bug Hunt

  • Some of you tap faster than Flash, recording more than one meal per second. Unfortunately, the app didn't always have time to digest them, and it could lead to missing cows. Cows are used to chewing for a long time, that's why they didn't understand what was going on! As usual, if you were affected by this issue, it should solve itself the next time you answer. No cow is ever left behind, that's the Arnaud guarantee!

šŸ’¬ Texts

  • Localized the names of the Watch widgets

šŸ§± Foundations

  • Updated the logic handling purchases "